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Rincon Venture Partners is heavily resourced relative to our capital base so that we can invest at an earlier stage in a company’s development. This allows us to fund companies in the “gap” between true seed financing -- from founders, their friends and family and angel investors -- and typical “early-stage VC,” which has become much less early-stage as fund sizes have grown.

“Alignment” is a term that carries significant weight at Rincon Venture Partners. Since we invest at an early stage, our interests are closely aligned with those of the management teams of our portfolio companies throughout those companies’ lifecycles. This serves as the basis for collaborative, team-oriented relationships with the entrepreneurs with whom we work.

In addition, a significant portion of Rincon Venture Partners' committed capital comes from our general partners, much more than the 1% that is typical at many firms. This increases the alignment of our interests with those of our limited partners (those who invest in our fund), with a focus on total return rather than excess return, and a true principal mentality.


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